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BNU Energy is part of BNU Group of companies. The first group company is founded in 1998 in Istanbul / TURKEY.

BNU Energy is a joint activity group to provide Smart Energy Solutions in collaboration with the experienced group members. The joint activity began years ago between the founders of the BNU Group and Rubber Energy. During their work at Siemens in the second half of the 1980s, they began to work together on challenging projects.

With new successful members, BNU Energy has set itself the goal of expanding its activities to international turnkey energy projects.

 BNU Energy is represented with his cooperation Partners in Asia and Africa.

The Joint Group Members of BNU Energy

BNU Group

The founder and president of the BNU Group, Mr. Uyar, began his career at Siemens in 1983 and has many years of successful project experience in the energy industry and power electronics in the areas of management and business development. Mr. Uyar has expanded his international experience at SİEMENS AG (management) and the AKKORD group of companies (CEO), particularly in the construction and industrial sectors. Based on the valuable experience and knowledge of our team and partners accumulated in lot of years , we are engaged Renewable Energy Projects and Project Development.

Ruber Energy

Ruber Energy is an engineering company that started its activities in Istanbul in 2013. Mr. Kırmızıkaya, the founder of Ruber Energy, is an experienced Electrical Engineer, has worked at SIEMENS for over 35 years at various levels, has been a Manager and has completed various special projects throughout his working life. Mr. Kırmızıkaya has gained a reputation in his own field throughout his career and professional life, with the fast and reliable solutions he created in both development and customer-oriented projects. He has conducted and continues to carry out joint studies with many specialist companies in order to transfer the knowledge and experience he gained to the younger generations and to renew his respect for the profession.

STAR Electric

STAR Electric was founded in 1994 under the management of Mr. Öktem. He transferred his experience from his work at Siemens Istanbul to STAR Electric and the company developed into a 90-strong, successful low-voltage switchgear construction company with an operating area of 3000 m2. STAR Electric is a solution partner of Siemens Electric System and an authorized distributor of Siemens Sikus, STAB Universal and SIVACON modular control cabinet systems.

EMaC Engineering

EMaC Energy Management Engineering & Consulting Ltd. is based on the Energy Management SCADA System solutions, substation automation, Power Management System Design and services which shall provide you to control your electricity network and energy supply reliability and sustainable Power Network. Embedded intelligence and accurate real-time information give you a clear view of what is happening in your network


BUKEM was founded in 1994 as an installation, sales and contract company in the fields of telecommunications, electronics, construction and engineering. BUKEM has completed successful projects in the fields of power plants, industrial plants, railway systems, highways, tunnels and intersections, shopping centers, hospitals, public buildings, infrastructures and similar areas.